Lattice: Core Performance Management Features


Performance reviews are at the core of any Performance Management software, and Lattice offers a version of the review cycle that centers everything on the employee. 360, managers, direct reports, and self reviews are all supported.

Review templates can be created through Lattice’s Question builder function, although the service also includes a few pre-built versions of the most popular tried-and-true templates as well. With the right template, a company can ensure that they’re matching an employee’s aims with their company’s wider goals and culture.


Lattice displays individual goals, team goals, and company goals within their respective tabs at the top of the Lattice dashboard. If an employee clicks on a department, they’ll view all that department’s goals, with that team’s public individual goals listed below.

Each manager or team lead can view their direct reports on a page that includes updates, one-on-ones, and any team feedback all in a central location. This holistic dashboard helps make sure no conversation or goal gets forgotten.


Lattice’s one-on-one meeting process comes in three steps. First, managers and employees will collaborate on their agenda for that week, working together to make notes on a document they can both view. Second, they’ll take notes during the meeting to track their decisions. Finally, they’ll cover their next steps, staying on the same page as they execute their mutual next action following the meeting.


Peer feedback can be given from one employee to another via the Lattice interface. It won’t disappear into the void, either: Each employee’s personal feedback will be viewable in a right-hand column alongside their performance review. The column can toggle between goals and peer feedback alike, offering the context needed to understand the performance review.


Lattice offers integrations to help its clients with three main tasks: Adding data from HR services, connecting different communication services, and staying safe with a single sign-on security protocol.

The third-party HR services available to Lattice include BambooHR, Namely, Workday, Zenefits, Rippling, and any other solution with an SFTP integration. The third-party communications services available are Gmail, Outlook, and Slack, while the single sign-on option includes G Suite, Okta, and OneLogin.



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