“Was that the right decision at the time? Probably not,” said Dorsey, who is also founder of fintech company Square.

“If I had to start the service again, I would not emphasize the ‘follower’ count as much. I would not emphasize the ‘like’ count as much,” he continued.

Dorsey went as far as to say that he probably would not create a “like” function at all.

“It doesn’t actually push what we believe now to be the most important thing,” he said, “which is healthy contribution back to the network and conversation to the network.”

Dorsey has been at pains to rebuild Twitter’s status — and share price — following a series of scandals over its treatment of user data, hate speech, political campaigning and mental health issues. Twitter’s shares rose over 17% Tuesday after the firm reported a rising number of users and higher revenues.

Going forward, the CEO said the company would be reconsidering how the site displays likes, followers and retweets.

“Those are not things that we thought of 13 years ago, and we believe are extremely important right now,” Dorsey noted.

“(We have to) ask the deep question: Is this really the number that we want people to drive up? … I don’t believe that’s the case right now,” he said.

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