iPhone Xs debuted back in September and introduced a number of improvements over its predecessor.

The most notable of these was by far its new Apple A12 Bionic chipset that delivers rapid performance across iOS 12.

In fact, iPhone Xs was so powerful that it performed incredibly well in benchmarks.

Particularly, it was ranked top by Geekbench for smartphone performance.

Geekbench is a benchmarking platform that meticulously analyses the internals of phones and issues a numbered score based on single-core and multi-core performance.

The iPhone Xs achieved a lofty 4,797 figure for single-core performance and a 11,268 tally for multi-core.

And it appears the Apple flagship remains more capable than the recently released Samsung Galaxy S10, according to the platform.

Geekbench recently updated its smartphone ranking to reflect the scores of the Samsung Galaxy S10 running with both its Snapdragon 855 processor and Samsung’s own Exynos 9820 chipset.

The former is housed in S10 units sold in markets such as the US while the latter is present in territories like the UK.

The Galaxy S10 with Qualcomm’s offering was handed a higher multi-core score, coming in at 10,721, compared to the 9,869 awarded to the Exynos S10.

Meanwhile, the Exynos S10 was said to deliver better single-core performance and received a 4,344 figure to reflect the fact.

While the numbers awarded to the S10 are certainly commendable, and higher than all of its Android competitors, they fail to surpass Apple’s newest flagship.

However, it is worth noting while benchmarking platforms can be used to garner a good barometer of overall performance, they do not always reflect how capable a device will be in real world usage.

In fact, a number of speed tests that have emerged online from channels such as EverythingApplePro and XEETECHCARE have shown the Galaxy S10 not only manages to keep up with the iPhone Xs, but also manages to outperform it in some areas.

The video from XEETECHCARE in particular showed the South Korean flagship opening applications and games faster than the Apple offering.

Moreover, it was also showcased in some instances the Galaxy S10 was able to remember the position of opened programmes while the iPhone Xs was forced to re-load them.

Overall, both the Geekbench figures and the videos demonstrating real world performance display the iPhone Xs and Galaxy S10 to be incredibly capable.

That means if you decide to pick up either device, the chances are you will not be disappointed.


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