ImmVRse Lists IMVR Token on Advanced Decentralized Exchange DDEX

Blockchain-based virtual reality (VR) platform ImmVRse has announced the successful listing of its native ERC20 token, ImmVRse Token (Symbol: IMVR), on the DDEX decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

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As one of the top five decentralized exchanges around the world, DDEX now allows VR professionals as well as crypto traders to make instant trades with the IMVR utility token in real time, with on-chain settlement on its highly advanced platform.

This update is the latest in a string of successful advances, following a successful token sale held in Q3 2018. The much-anticipated event led to a massive interest online, as evidenced by over 48,000 followers across all its social media channels, all keen to follow the IMVR journey of being a global utility token. For now, IMVR can be used on the ImmVRse decentralized application (Dapp) but will be seamlessly used on any app that is built within the ImmVRse ecosystem.

DDEX’s superior technology employs true blockchain capabilities, using Ethereum smart contracts and the 0x protocol and building on the hydro protocol technology to let users trade digital assets peer to peer, with funds never stored outside their own wallets for maximum security. It is increasingly becoming a major leader in DEXs, in both total number of transactions and trading volume.

DDEX has also announced a trading competition to mark this occasion of IMVR listing, with a total prize pool of 400,000 IMVR up for grabs. The competition is now ongoing and will end on October 7th, 2018 at 3pm (GMT +8). To learn more about the trading contest, visit the announcement article on DDEX, or trade IMVR now at:

The First Step for IMVR

ImmVRse CEO Farabi Shayor remarked on the company’s intention to cater to the increasing demands of the crypto sphere to access multiple avenues to participate and join forces with ImmVRse to help develop disruptive platforms:

“DDEX provides an exceptional platform and prospect for current and upcoming IMVR traders to trade using a next-generation and cutting-edge user interface.”

IMVR will seek for further listings across more decentralized exchanges, while also seeking opportunities to access more conventional exchanges in the coming months, with an eventual goal of reaching a truly global market. To continue pushing awareness, ImmVRse will also be releasing further announcements of activities aimed to increase widespread adoption, including giveaways and trading contests.

With an aim to target the global market, IMVR will be listed on more DEX and traditional exchanges in the coming months. The company will also announce further giveaway and trading competitions within the next few weeks.

ImmVRse is the world’s decentralized platform for sharing VR content, offering content creators, VR brands and advertisers the ability to network directly with each other to promote products and services to the general public. The Dapp functions as a smart contract-based marketplace where VR professionals can use its native IMVR token to pay for all interactions between users of the platform.

To learn more about the decentralized VR marketplace for a global community, visit the ImmVRse website and read the ImmVRse whitepaper. To meet the ImmVRse team, connect with them on the ImmVRse Facebook page or get in touch in real time via the ImmVRse Telegram channel.

Trade IMVR now on DDEX at:

Image via ImmVRse

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