It’s easy to forget sometimes, but these powerful little computers we carry in our pockets are also phones — you know, devices with numbers that can make and receive those crazy old things called voice calls.

Go ahead and take a minute to absord the shock of this revelation. Gasp, guffaw, get a comically exaggerated expression of surprise on that stunning face of yours — whatever does the trick. I’ll wait.

Back? Okay, good. Listen, I know: Nine times out of 10, when we talk about Android tips, we talk about ways to be more efficient and productive with tapping around on our screens and getting things done. But today, I want to share a handy little enhancement I’ve encountered for making the phone portion of your smartphone more useful and easier to manage.

I don’t know about you, but on those rare occasions that I actually get a call these days — be it something related to work or the work of a relative ringing me up (aren’t those about the only two types of calls anyone gets anymore?) — there’s a decent chance I won’t answer it in time. And that, of course, means I then have to remember to return the call or otherwise get back to the person who’s paging my mobile apparatus.



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