It’s official, the next version of Android is Android 9.0 Pie. The latest update of Google’s operating system offers several new features, navigation changes, fresh-new look and more. Though Google has announced the official availability of Android 9 Pie, it is for now available only on Pixel smartphones.

If you want Android Pie features right now on your phone, here’s a how-to guide and the best thing is that you need not root your phone for this.

1. Make your home screen look like stock Android Pie

– Download the pixel launcher apk file

– Install it on your smartphone

– Allow all the permissions and set it as default launcher

– Now, Download and save some default Android P wallpapers, or you can also download Android P wallpapers app

– Select the image and set it as wallpaper for both home screen and lock screen

2. Android Pie like one button navigation gestures

– Open Google PlayStore and download any gesture app like Navigation gestures or X-Home bar app.

– Open the app and allow all the necessary permissions

– This will replace the three-button navigation bar with the Android P like pill

Note: These apps also allow users to assign various gestures, shape and size to the pill.

3. Digital Wellbeing features

Google has also announced Digital wellbeing features for Android P to combat smartphone addiction. This feature includes a Dashboard and App Timer. To get Dashboard like feature, you can use apps like Offtime or Forest from PlayStore. These apps will tell you the amount of time you have spent on an app. You can also make profiles and disable apps or notifications to stay focused.

To get the App Timer like feature, there are many apps available in the PlayStore such as App Block or App off timer which offers more or less similar functionality.



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