Android P is almost ready for primetime, with likely just a month or two left until its official release. Let’s be honest, though: Unless you have one of Google’s Pixel phones, there’s a decent chance you’ll be waiting a while for the software to show up on your device. And even when it does get there, some of P’s most prominent features might not be available to you.

But hey, this is Android, right? Developers have tons of freedom to tweak the system interface and change the way things work. So — yup, you guessed it, Mabel — with the right set of tools, you can get some incredibly useful Android-P-like features on any phone today. In fact, you can get features that act like their Android P equivalents but crank up the productivity potential even further, with extra options and opportunities for customization.

Now, let’s be clear: None of this stuff is in any way equal to an actual OS update. No amount of third-party utilities can bring you an OS update’s performance improvements, security enhancements, or other foundational changes — such as those that empower apps on your phone to perform new types of advanced tasks.

They can, however, emulate and even improve upon some of Android P’s most prominent front-facing features — and all it takes is a teensy bit of effort to get them up and running on your phone.



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