Most anglers want to have the latest and greatest of everything; often the oldies but goodies get shelved in favor of what’s hot. But a number of walleye anglers on Saginaw Bay have re-discovered one of the hottest baits from the walleye’s resurgence in the 1980s and — what do you know? — they’re catching fish on them.

Hot ‘N Tots, metal-lipped crankbaits from Storm, are catching plenty of ‘eyes this summer on the Bay. Almost forgotten, Hot’ N Tots are back in a big way.

Available in three sizes (that’ll dive from about five to 16 feet) and three styles (original, rattling, and featuring holographic finishes), ‘Tots are not as readily available as they once were — they were everywhere 20-plus years ago — but most of your larger tackle stores will have them and they’re all over the web. They’ll cost from less than $5 to around $7 depending on size and style. — Bob Gwizdz



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