Drop-shot fishing (when the sinker is tied on the end of the line, below the hook) was technically illegal in Michigan until a handful of years ago because, taken to extremes — with large hooks and heavy weights — it was a perfect snagging rig. Since it’s been legalized (except in rivers) it has become a preferred rigging for many panfish fishermen and fairly popular with the bass anglers, too, when they want to present a bait up off the bottom.

But it takes a little doing to tie it right.

Not any more: VMC has introduced a hook specifically for drop-shot rigging, The Spinshot Neko hook has a pair of wire connectors that run through the eye of the hook so you tie on above the hook and cinch on a dropper to which you attach the weight. VMC says it eliminates line twist common with this type of rigging, but I see it as simply fool-proofing the drop-shot rig. The designers were thinking.

The black nickel hooks are available in six sizes (No. 6 to 2/0) and cost around $5 a four pack. — Bob Gwizdz



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