Most of the cryptos in the market today are heavily speculative. They have no use in the real world, other than a promise that they could change society at some point in the future. This means that lots of investors are actually gambling away their money. They are gambling in the sense that they are investing in the promise that things could work out well in the future. While some of them will achieve their goals and make investors insanely wealthy, an equally high number will die off. To reduce the risk of loss, it makes sense to go for cryptos whose use-case is clear, and there are real signs of adoption. One crypto with such prospects is the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the token used to reward users on the Brave browser. Publishers on the brave browser are rewarded with BAT tokens depending on the attention that users give to their content. Basically, the whole idea is to ensure that content is more worthwhile and that online advertisers get better value for their money. On their part, users get more targeted adverts that are actually useful to their needs.

The best part is that this is not just a concept. It is actually being used. As of this month, the brave browser now has about 4.6 million users. That’s a 15% month-on-month growth in the number of users on the brave browser. This means that the usage of the BAT token is actually growing, not speculatively, but in real hard numbers.

In essence, BAT is a low-risk buy, one that has the potential to shoot up in value going into the future.  As a matter of fact, it is already showing signs of organic growth, independent of the rest of the market. In the last month, the adoption of the brave browser has shot up.

In tandem with this increased usage of the brave browser, the value of the BAT token has been moving up too. Today, BAT is up by over 4% even as the rest of the market records sluggish growth. That’s an indicator that the BAT token is growing based on real usage, and not just on speculation. This conclusion is backed the fact that BAT is now one of the most liquid tokens on Bancor. This high liquidity goes to show that there is heavy usage of this token and that its price moves in the market are backed by real demand on the brave browser.

Going by this trend in the value of Basic Attention Token (BAT), it’s easy to deduce that the BAT token is a safe bet, that is somewhat guaranteed of growth going into the future. Going forward, as the brave browser grows in adoption in the market, the BAT token could easily decouple from bitcoin. Its value growth in the market could be more akin to that of a stock, in that it would be driven by the fundamentals of the underlying asset (the brave browser) more than it is by the largely irrational price movements of the crypto market. Basic Attention Token is definitely an interesting hold for long-term investors.



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