Google is expected to name a prominent hospital-system CEO to a newly created role overseeing the tech company’s health-care efforts, according to people familiar with the matter.

David Feinberg, the people said, is moving to the new Google health-care post after helming the Geisinger Health System, which includes a hospital system and health plan based in Pennsylvania and also operating in New Jersey.

Geisinger, of Danville, Pa., was a pioneer in the use of electronic health records and other digital medical data.

Dr. Feinberg referred questions to a Geisinger spokesman, who didn’t have an immediate comment.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google has launched various efforts in health care over the years with mixed success. Google Health, its first attempt to create an electronic health-records database, launched in 2008 but was closed in 2011 after it failed to catch on with consumers and health-care providers.

Other health-care ventures launched under the broader Alphabet umbrella include Verily, an experimental life-sciences unit that tried to develop glucose-level-sensing contact lenses, and Calico, a team led by former Genentech Chief Executive Arthur Levinson that is attempting to extend human longevity.

Google executives have highlighted potential medical advances to be made using artificial intelligence, training computers to automatically detect medical conditions by analyzing large amounts of data. Seeking to showcase its leadership in the field of AI, the company recently demonstrated how these techniques can be used to detect a patient’s risk for various cardiovascular diseases using only an image of his or her eye.

The new Google leadership position is expected to provide strategic direction for the initiatives already under way at the company targeting health care, from web services to machine learning to devices, one of the people familiar with the matter said.

Dr. Feinberg, who has both medical and business degrees, took the helm of Geisinger in 2015, after serving as chief executive of the University of California, Los Angeles health system.

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