Google Maps Street View has captured some very funny scenes around the world, much to the embarrassment of the people involved.

One woman was recently caught red-faced after falling off her motorbike in Oregan which was captured by the Google car.

A much more upsetting scene was spotted in Poland between three people.

Taken at Wawel Castle in the capital city of Krakow is a wedding party involving the bride, groom and bridesmaid.

Yet one of the wedding party is less than happy to be there.

The bridesmaid has her hand over her face, looking devastated.

Dressed in an elegant purple gown, the brunette woman looks sad as she stands by herself in the empty space.

The married couple can be seen in the background as the groom has his arms towards her as they dance.

There is no photographer around but the empty space has no other tourists or guests pictured.

What has caused the upset of the poor bridesmaid remains unknown.

Other pictures of the scene show her standing to the side with a man wearing a matching tie.

However, he is nowhere to be seen when she enters the middle of the castle.

He may have left her there by herself while the bride and groom dance, causing her distress.

She could also just be embarrassed to be standing by herself.

A much more romantic wedding scene was caught by the Google Maps camera in Switzerland.

Spotted next to some tram lines in the city, a young man is pictured on his knees.

The woman, whose hand he is holding, looks down at him although her emotions are unclear.

He appears to be proposing to his girlfriend, albeit in a rather unromantic spot.

Online users were cynical about the scene, questioning whether it was a real proposal or a prank for the camera.

Her answer to his question is not shown by Google Maps.



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