If you’ve already purchased a Google Pixel 3, don’t break it. According to some horror stories on the internet, Google is apparently unable to fix broken devices just yet, and they aren’t able to get the parts to their partner repair store, uBreakiFix.

The story, which comes from 9to5Google, saw a Pixel 3 XL take a hard fall, breaking the back of the phone. Google’s own repair center page doesn’t list the Pixel 3 as a device that’s available to be fixed (and still doesn’t, as of writing) so the next step was to get directed to uBreakiFix. They’ve previously been able to do same-day repairs for the original Pixel and the Pixel 2, so that makes sense.

However, after setting up an appointment for a repair of the Pixel 3 XL, uBreakiFix couldn’t get the necessary parts in. They were only able to order up a battery, but nothing else to repair accidental damage and breaks.

All of this fortunately won’t matter if you’re just having manufacturer defects with your device, and Google will still take care of you there. But if you break your phone or do anything outside of the warranty, you might be left holding the bag for a few weeks while Google gets their act together.

We almost had a Pixel launch without any major issues. Oh well.

source: 9to5Google

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