(NBC) – More than 60 thousand people are attending E-3 this week in Los Angeles. 

Nintendo is showcasing new titles of the Nintendo Switch, the fastest-selling home video game system of all time in the United States.

“Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is a brand new Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch, and that’s what ll of these players are so excited to get their hands on,” said president and CEO of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime.

There’s also buzz around Nintendo’s new Super Mario Party and Pokemon games.

Now players can use the Switch to battle it out in Fortnite, adding yet another platform to play the world’s most popular game. 

Fortnite is the belle of the ball at E-3 this year, boasting more than 40 million players in less than eight months.

Sony is continuing its legacy of blockbuster games for the Playstation, showcasing the highly-anticipated Spiderman ahead of its September release.

“Trying to make you feel like Spiderman more than you’ve ever done before,” said Bryan Intihar, Creative Director of Insomniac Games.

Microsoft announced more than 50 X-BOX games, with 18 exclusives and a focus on more original content. 

“This isn’t just a little tech bubble of gaming,” said Cindy Walker, X-BOX marketing leader. “We are a force to be reckoned with, the same level as movies and music.”

This is the second year the public has been invited to attend E-3, selling out tickets to more than 15 thousand gamers. Attendees can explore more than three thousand products and video games on the show floor. 



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