Galaxy Note 9 debuted back in August and it is expected the next version of the flagship, the presumably titled Galaxy Note 10, will be shown off at a similar time of year.

The Galaxy Note 9 was certainly more of an iterative upgrade over the Galaxy Note 8 than a drastic overhaul.

That is because the hardware retained a very familiar design and feature set when compared to its predecessor.

Despite this, the Note 9 remains an incredibly appealing Android offering thanks to its gorgeous screen, capable camera system and big battery.

However, anyone that has purchased a Note 9 may regret having done so following the emergence of new renders for its successor, the presumably titled Galaxy Note 10.

Following the debut of the Galaxy S10 that introduced a new all-screen design for the product line in addition to a new camera system, Phone Arena recently displayed images of what the South Korean OEM’s new Note could look like.

The outlet’s images showed a device that looked incredibly similar to the Galaxy S10+ thanks to its pill-shaped cutout within the display for its front-facing cameras.

Additionally, the rear of the device also flaunted four cameras, similar to what will be showcased on the 5G variant of the Galaxy S10 when it releases later this year.

The Galaxy S10 5G will come with the same standard, wide and telephoto lenses as the Galaxy S10 and S10+, but it will boast an additional time-of-flight (TOF) sensor.

The latter should help with 3D scanning and could be used to improve overall image quality.

Phone Arena also speculated the Note 10 will come with an ultrasonic fingerprint reader underneath its display, as is the case on the standard S10 and S10+.

The phone was displayed in a variety of different colours that ranged from yellow to green.

However, the most striking was by far a gradient finish that oozed tones of purple and blue.

Phone Arena was eager to admit the renders displayed were a concept based on rumours for the Galaxy Note 10.

This means when Samsung debuts the real handset later this year, it could look radically different.

But, if the Note 10 does present Android fans with a number of innovative upgrades as displayed in the images, it could make Note 9 owners regret purchasing the 2018 handset.


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