Having been an outfit added all the way back in season 2, a lot of fans have cherished the rarity of the Fortnite Red Knight skin.

There are even reports of players selling their account with the Red Knight included, for very high prices.

However, this week has seen Epic Games announce that the Red Knight skin is coming back to the game.

Fans will be able to buy it from the official Fortnite item shop very soon, making the outfit a lot less rare.

The development team have done this in the past with other skins, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that this is finally happening for Red Knight fans.


The Fortnite Red Knight skin is being released on Thursday, July 5, according to Epic Games.

However, while this will be true for fans in the United States, it will be a different date and time for those Fortnite players in the UK.

Due to the time difference, players in the UK will not see the returning Fortnite Red Knight skin drop in their item shop until Friday, July 6.

Because the item shop is usually refreshed at around 8:00 p.m. Eastern every night, the drop in the UK is the next day.

So for everyone this side of the pond, the Fortnite Red Knight skin will be available at around midnight on July 6.

As mentioned above, the reason for the popularity surrounding the outfit is more to do with its rarity than design.

The Red Knight was launched at a time when Fortnite Battle Royale hadn’t become one of the biggest games in the world.

So those who have been playing the game since season 2 have managed to keep the Red Knight as a sign of their dedication to the game.

Another skin which would have the same effect would be the Halloween-themed skull trooper.

There’s a chance that Epic Games will bring this back during the holiday in 2018, and would likely prove a must-buy for many.

It’s harder to say if the axe that completes the Red Knight outfit will be coming back though, as this was initially a Battle Pass item.

The Axecalibur is a harder one to predict, but if it doesn’t hit the store, that will at least stay as a scarce item.

Fans will be paying top dollar for the new skin when it does arrive, having been classified as a Legendary item.

These usually cost 2,000 V-Bucks and serve to be some of the most expensive microtransactions available in Fortnite.

And there’s the chance that Epic Games will look to celebrate the end of Season 4 with even more skins this week.

Season 5 won’t be starting until later in July, meaning there’s plenty of time for other rare skins to be brought back by the development team.



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