Do you eat mac and cheese with a spoon or fork? Kraft wants to know and is holding a contest that will determine the future of its iconic “blue box.”

Kraft Mac & Cheese, an item that has been around for more than 80 years, has alternated featuring a spoon and fork on the front of its box.

But because of recent debate on the brand’s Twitter channel, Kraft has asked America to decide which utensil should have a place on the box in the future.

Fans have until the morning of National Mac and Cheese Day on Saturday, July 14, to vote if they prefer to eat their Kraft Mac & Cheese with a spoon or a fork. The utensil that garners the most votes will take center stage on all of their boxes in 2019. To place your vote, visit @kraftmacncheese on Twitter.

“For years we’ve seen people discuss their favorite ways to eat Kraft Mac & Cheese. Given Mac & Cheese is something many Americans have been eating since childhood, it’s no surprise people have very strong opinions on how to eat it,” said Jennifer Healy, head of brand building for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. “Listening to our fans discuss the merits of #TeamFORK and #TeamSPOON has been a lot of fun for us, and we are excited to see where this takes our box in the future.”

In less than 24 hours since going live, the poll has seen more than 50,000 votes. #TeamFORK has had a commanding lead from Day 1, and it remains to be seen if #TeamSPOON can pull a late comeback and maintain its spot on the box.



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