FATHER’S DAY is just around the corner and we can only assume you’re scrambling to find your dad a pressie ahead of the big day.

That’s why we’ve put together this awesome tech gift guide for all the sons and daughters out there with gadget-loving pops.

 The Virtual Archer is a physical crossbow that lets you play virtual games using your smartphone
The Virtual Archer is a physical crossbow that lets you play virtual games using your smartphone

And with the help of the internet you should be able to order these goodies before June 17.

Best Father’s Day tech gifts under £25

Anker Wireless iPhone Charger (£16.99 at Amazon)

If your dad owns an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X then you can grab him this wireless charger.

With it he won’t have to plug it in to juice up his his handset: just pop the device on a compatible charging pad, and it’s good to go.

The Anker pad is cheap, cheerful and very reliable – hence all of the positive Amazon reviews.

Best Father’s Day tech gifts under £50

Logitech K480 Bluetooth keyboard (£47 at Amazon)
This keyboard will serve a working dad’s typing needs, across all of his devices.

It connects to iPhone using Bluetooth, and comes with a handy stand tray so you can use the handset like a laptop.

But the keyboard also has a Bluetooth switcher, so you can link up to three devices to the keyboard at once.

That means you can quickly flick between, say, an iPhone, iPad and computer – all over Bluetooth.

 Get your business-minded dad this Logitech Bluetooth keyboard
Get your business-minded dad this Logitech Bluetooth keyboard

Amazon Echo Dot (£39.99 at Amazon)

Want to introduce your dad to the wonderful world of smart speakers? The Amazon Echo Dot is a great place to start.

The £39.99 miniature device lets you check the news, order a pizza, or call in an Uber taxi ride all via its digital assistant Alexa – who you can talk to by simply saying “Hey, Alexa”.

It can even blare out your dad’s classic rock Spotify playlist, so be prepared to listen to some Status Quo.

Virtual Archer for smartphones (£34.99 at Prezzybox)

A bow and arrow that lets you practice your virtual archery skills by hooking up an iPhone or Android phone to the front – what’s not to like?

This is an awesome gift for any dad who’s dreamed of becoming a real life Robin Hood.

But with none of the dangers that come with actual crossbows.

Simply slot your smartphone into the Virtual Archer and aim and release your virtual arrows to hit the targets depicted on screen – with hours of augmented reality gameplay available.

 Parrot's drone is the best UAV for under 200 quid
Parrot’s drone is the best UAV for under 200 quid

Best Father’s Day tech gifts under £100

Jabra Move Wireless headphones (£63.55 at Amazon)

These Jabra over-ear headphones have stainless steel arms and dirt-resistant fabric, and boast an impressive eight hours of talk time.

Best of all they won’t break the bank and will bowl over most music-loving dads who haven’t yet made the switch to wireless cans.

Olloclip iPhone photography lenses (£99.99 at Amazon)

If your dad’s a budding camera pro, then Olloclip is basically a must-have accessory.

They’re a range of snap-on lenses for iPhone that upgrade the camera with various different effects.

The £99.99 box-set for Apple’s new iPhone X gets you fish-eye, super-wide and macro (15x) lenses.

But you can get Olloclip snap-ons for older iPhone models too.

 Get your dad talking to Alexa with the Amazon Dot smart speaker
Get your dad talking to Alexa with the Amazon Dot smart speaker

Click and Grow Smart Garden (£74.99 at 50five)

For green-fingered dads that live in a city flat, a smart garden will scratch that gardening itch.

All you have to do is fill up the all-white container’s tank and its self-watering system will do the rest.

The smart garden also packs an LED light and comes with three herb cartridges to get your dad started.

Before you know it, he’ll be cooking up his homegrown veggies – with the plants sprouting in one to two weeks.

Fitbit Alta HR – (£69.99 at Amazon)

With its heart-rate monitor and exercise tracking all tied up in a small, elegant bundle, the Alta HR is a solid fitness wearable at an affordable price.

Unlike the Fitbit Charge 2, the Alta HR has a pretty small profile on the wrist with its slim screen and it doesn’t seem to snag on clothes half as much as its larger cousin.

Used in the gym or on the sports pitch, you forget it’s there – and it can provide a host of useful data once you’ve cooled off.

 Apple's £319 HomePod is the best sounding smart speaker on the market

AFP or licensors

Apple’s £319 HomePod is the best sounding smart speaker on the market

Best Father’s Day tech gifts under £200

Parrot Mambo FPV (£149.99 at Amazon) – French firm Parrot’s FPV Mini drone is a dinky flyer that comes with first-person-view glasses – so you can see through the eyes of your drone as you fly.

It’s also got a decent 100-metre range, and can perform pre-set tricks and flips.

Audio-Technica AT-LP3 Turntable (£179 at John Lewis)

Vinyls are selling like hot cakes once again, but (let’s face it) your dad never stopped loving them.

That’s why you should get the old geezer a turntable, and this one from Audio Technica – purveyors of budget headphones – is easily the most affordable.

Plus, the record player is fully automatic, meaning you only need to poke a few buttons for the needle to lift itself and start playing the jams.

And there are extra controls for size and speed, allowing it to spin 12-inches that play at 45rpm, or the other way around.

 Crank up your dad's gaming habit to 4K with the Xbox One X

PA:Press Association

Crank up your dad’s gaming habit to 4K with the Xbox One X

Best Father’s Day tech gifts under £500

If you really want to treat your dad, then these gadgets are your best bet…

Xbox One X bundle with three games (£419.99 at Currys PC World)

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s super-charged 4K console and this bundle makes it cheaper than ever – though it’ll still set you back over 400 quid.

But at least it will blow your dad’s socks off.

Plus, it comes with three great games: Assassin’s Creed Origins, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Fallout 4, all of which combined offer hundreds of hours of action.

Apple HomePod (£319 at Apple)

Apple’s first smart speaker is an awesome gift for audiophiles.

The sound quality is top-notch, making it great for music streaming.

It also boasts a sleek premium look.

The only drawbacks are a lack of Spotify support (only Apple Music here, we’re afraid) and Siri is still naff.

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