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Does Facebook know whether its users are a liberal or conservative? The social media site is taking a guess.

Facebook is assigning political labels and much more under its ad preferences section and many users don’t know about it. 

Conservative or liberal, traveler or homebody. In a move to help advertisers target you, Facebook is assigning users certain political parties and other preferences.

According to social media experts, these labels are based on articles, posts and pictures a user “likes” on Facebook.

Want to know what Facebook labeled you? Click here and then click the “Your Information” tab, and select “Your categories.”

If the social media site guessed your preferences incorrectly, you can change the preference by clicking the “x” next to the label and the information is removed.

Mike Holland, who is the vice president of client relations for Fortalice, a cyber security company, said a lot of users forget that Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites are businesses and they make money by advertising to users.

Holland said the first thing users should do to protect themselves is a step that most skip: reading the terms and conditions.

“The vast mass majority, and I would say almost 100 percent of the people do not read the full terms and conditions perhaps the lawyers in the audience read the terms and conditions but most people do not,” Holland said. “So I think it’s always helpful to understand if you’re concerned about how your data and your preferences might be used in your social media application go read the terms and conditions.”

Holland also suggest checking and setting your preferences yourself.

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