Facebook is adding an extra level of authorization for people who actively manage Pages with large audiences in the US, as well as more information for followers.

If you manage a Facebook Page that has a large US-based audience, you will soon be asked to complete an extra authorization process in order to be able to post and manage your page. The goal is simple: Facebook wants to ensure these large pages are managed by real people, and not fake or compromised accounts.

When a Page Manager receives a notice for extra authorization, it will appear at the top of their News feed. The process should take only a few minutes to complete and will require the admin to secure their account with two-factor authentication and confirm their primary country location. You will not be able to post on your Page until the process is complete.


As part of its plans to make conversation more authentic on the platform, Facebook will also start showing more information about Pages. Starting now, Facebook will tell you when a Page has merged with another Page, as as the name and primary location of Page admins.


For the moment this changes will apply only to Pages with a large US audience. But it is more than likely that those features will roll out to the rest of the world very soon.

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