Is the iPhone even on sale anymore? Has anyone checked? The reason The Macalope asks is because there have been so many “iPhone killers” that one of them must have actually killed it by now, right?

Nope. The Macalope just went to Apple’s website and it turns out it’s still available for sale. Which is surprising.

Back in December, BGR was foreseeing big trouble for Apple because the Galaxy S9 was going to be released a month earlier than the S8 had been released.

Simply put, that’s awful news for Apple.

Of course it is! So bad! There’s no way Apple can survive.

How could the S9 fail?! It has a headphone jack!

…the upcoming Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus still work with all your old headphones, in addition to all your new, Bluetooth-powered headphones.

And that’s pretty huge!

So. Huge. It’s nothing but blue skies for the Galaxy Essssssssssss[hold for maximum comedic effect]…

“Samsung’s record profit run ends after reportedly slow Galaxy S9 sales.”




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