eosio wallet removed from apple app store

The Apple brand does their best to ensure that consumers on their App Store are happy with the services they provide. Sometimes, those efforts include the removal of services after numerous complaints from customers. However, when an app is brought to their attention in a way that catches a lot of attention, like a video published by popular YouTubers that alleges theft, they have no choice but to act.

The EOSIO Wallet Explorer is the most recent app to be removed from the Apple App Store, though there wasn’t much publicity about this decision. The app is supposed to be manually reviewed before it enters their marketplace, but this one seemed to go through the cracks. In fact, their inability to screen it for malicious activities may be why this all happened in the first place.

The Hodgetwins, a pair of YouTubers, are followed by four million subscribers on YouTube. They recently made the decision to use the EOSIO Wallet Explorer from the App Store but are now alleging that it stole the 1,500 EOS that was in the wallet from the brand. They decided to post a video to their account that details the problems that they faced.

They said,

“I have been [using EOSIO Wallet Explorer] on my iPhone to hold my EOS. I noticed these three transactions…totaling 1,500 EOS tokens. I want to be clear I did not authorize these transactions, not sure how this could have happened. I filed a claim with ECAF…but have not received a response yet.”

It only took a week for the app to pull the tokens out of their account, though the original goal was to collect gains.

Right now, there isn’t a conclusive number to show how many victims have arisen due to the wallet’s actions. Furthermore, since Apple doesn’t publish the numbers about the amount of people that have downloaded any given app, it’s hard to estimate how popular it became before it was withdrawn. However, since it was on the App Store for about three months, and there were many complaints, the numbers were probably fairly high.

Since the Hodgetwins haven’t seen their funds again yet, they worked with ECAF to file a request to have the transactions deemed invalid. ECAF is the entity in charge of handling any transaction reversals and account freezes for these wallets. In the meantime, there are many people that have had complaints that want to help others, those impacted have gone to various social media platforms to post their experiences and hopefully prevent others from using the EOSIO Wallet Explorer.

Apple hasn’t yet published a press release or statement, but that may also be an effort to keep this experience quiet.



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