Enterprise Library’s BookMobile ribbon cutting on May 16 was the result of one vision and the start of another.

“Even though you have Enterprise, 70 percent of Coffee County is very rural so that’s what she (Terah Harris) was looking at” said current Library Director Shelia Harris. “That kind of started the vision, I think, because the mission is to serve erveryone.”

The previous library director, Terah Harris, used a Library Services and Technology Act grant to get the funds to buy just the transit van for the BookMobile.

“The BookMobile came in September, but my thing was actually turning it into a BookMobile because what I received was a transit van,” Shelia Harris said.

Harris was able to buy the shelving and logo for the van due to an anonymous donation received in December.

The ribbon cutting was a source of pride for the library and Shelia Harris.

“We were just proud to let everybody know, ‘okay, it’s not 100 percent just yet, but I have big plans for it,”’ Shelia Harris said.

The BookMobile was taken out for the first time on Wednesday, May 23 when it serviced Enterprise Health and Rehab, Kelley Place and Mt. Pleasant Senior Center.

“We got up there to Mt. Pleasant and a couple of them (seniors) wanted to get up on it and see it — it was the greatest thing,” Shelia Harris said.

Shelia Harris said that she hopes to start to using the BookMobile for a pop-up library at the outer areas of Enterprise to make it easier for those Coffee County residents outside of Enterprise to use the library. She said she’s aiming to start doing pop-up libraries this month.

Her end goal is to be able to take the BookMobile to other cities in Coffee County outside of Enterprise like New Brockton and Jack as well. She said hopes to be able to start by July or August.

“I don’t like to wait, I like to make things happen,” Shelia Harris said.

While the BookMobile is not fully complete yet, Shelia Harris said that it is available for requests. To request the BookMobile to visit your area, call the Enterprise Library at (334) 347–2636.



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