Ellensburg opens up new fast charging station for electric cars.

ELLENBURG, Wash. – Plug in your car. Walk around downtown for some food. Come back to a fully charged car and get back on the road in less than an hour.

Ellensburg mayor Bruce Tabb said that’s how people are going to use the new charging station for electric cars in downtown.

“It really brings people into our downtown to enjoy what we in the community enjoy on a daily basis,” he said.

The city used to have three stations, but two were out of service and one was a slow level one charger.

Robin Rego with Energy Northwest said the new station has a level three charger. Which can fully power a car in about half an hour.

“The range for a level three is about 35 times as much for a level one,” he said.

He said a level one charge is similar to when you plug your car in at home and gives the car about five miles for every hour.

A level two is twice as strong and does about 20 to 25 miles for every hour plugged in.

He said the level three is much stronger because electricity is converted in the box, rather than in the car.

“The conversion from AC to DC is done right at the charging station so it comes into the car as DC,” Rego said.

Which basically means the electricity is ready to use in minutes compared to hours.

This is one of nine fast charging units along major freeways in Washington state.

Tubb said before the new station, people didn’t have a place to charge their car when going through Central Washington.

A problem people from the west side have brought up to Tubb during city council meetings.

“He had business he needed to do in the tri-cities and unable to use his vehicle because we had no charging station that was effectively able to charge his car,” he said.

Whether you’re on a lunch break or making a pit stop, the new charging stations are ready to power up your cars.

Rego said only certain model cars can use the level three charger. So, double check your vehicle is compatible before using it.

To use the station, you need to download an app called “Greenlots” from your phone’s app store.



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