The Anovos booth at San Diego Comic-Con was dominated by much of their Star Trek offerings of high-end replica uniforms, props and ships. Most of what was on display had been revealed before, but the surprise was the newly revealed third entry in their line of studio artisan replica ships from Star Trek: Discovery.

Discovery USS Enterprise

Earlier this year Anovos started selling studio-scale filming miniature replica ships from Star Trek: Discovery, starting with the USS Discovery and the USS Shenzhou. At Comic-Con they revealed the USS Enterprise from Discovery.

Like the previous ships, the USS Enterprise replicas will be built by hand in Anovos’ Florida studio. They are built with aluminum and have steel infrastructures with rapid-prototype resin.

The ships have a complete set of lights and come with what Anovos calls ‘cutaway features.’ In the case,  you can actually remove the Bussard Collector domes to see the inner workings and blade in the Enterprise.

Anovos is taking pre-orders now for the USS Enterprise, with each replica costing $9000.

More from Anovos

Here are more photos of some of theStar Trek items on display at the Anovos booth at SDCC.

TrekMovie at SDCC

SDCC is just getting started. We have more news from preview night coming, plus coverage of all the exciting Star Trek-related events and panels.

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Stay tuned for more Star Trek merchandise and more news from San Diego Comic-Con, and a bit of The Orville news too.




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