Investors may be taking a look at trading action for Theta Token (THETA.CR). During a recent scan, the crypto was seen trading near the $0.0467 level on volume of 509662. Crypto enthusiasts will be watching today’s action and looking for any signs of a major momentum swing.

Because cryptocurrencies are digital assets, it may be difficult to understand the underlying value. Some may argue that the main driver behind the recent crypto boom is investor sentiment. If investors become keen on a particular crypto, it may make little difference what is actually behind the coin. Although the recent surge in the popularity of cryptocurrencies has created a more comprehensive market, the volatility remains very high. Traditional investors may be proceeding with a high degree of caution until they can figure out the best way to approach the crypto market.

Investors may be trying to decide if cryptocurrencies will be a flash in the pan or if they will be the future of monetary transactions. Cryptos have some characteristics that may make them more attractive to consumers. The blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, records transactions on a distributed open ledger. In theory, this helps solve the problem of double-spending as it does not require a third party intermediary. The idea of decentralization would potentially allow for faster transactions and heightened security. As the crypto space continues to evolve, investors and consumers will be closely watching how developments unfold in the coming months. A big drawback that comes with traditional fiat currency payment systems is the amount of time that transactions can take to complete. Alternative currencies such as cryptos have provided the opportunity for peer-to-peer transactions to be conducted without a third party intermediary. The idea that transactions can be completed quicker, less costly, and without interference, has made the new cryptocurrency space very attractive to some. In the last year or so, the crypto market has become one of the hottest discussed topics in financial circles.



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