As it begins its Fiscal Year 2019, D&H Distributing announces it has experienced growth of 23 percent in Q4 of its Fiscal Year 18, which ended April 30th. D&H achieved 11.3 percent growth overall for the full Fiscal Year, YoY. Now closing-in on an impressive $4 billion in revenues, D&H has seen particularly strong sales in key categories such premium notebooks (120 percent), connected home products (77 percent) pro A/V – commercial displays (77 percent), and televisions (23 percent) in that timeframe. This makes for another profitable quarter for the company, which has demonstrated 400+ consecutive quarters of profitability. See below for additional growth percentages.

D&H Distributing is celebrating its 100th year in 2018 as a distribution partner offering service and support in the technology marketplace. Over that century, the company has established itself as a major resource to the channel, one whose history is intertwined with the roots of the technology industry itself. Read more about D&H’s Centennial and its history in the technology marketplace at, including a milestone timeline.

Decades of Service to the Technology Channel

D&H developed from a tire retreading company founded in 1918 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, offering guarantees on its work at a time when even the original manufacturers did not. It has stayed true to that original model of offering services on behalf of manufacturer partners into the present day, becoming a major source of education, resources, and product knowledge for solution providers, integrators, and dealers.

The company attributes its longevity to its ability to adapt to market changes, starting with a move into crystal radio parts in the late 1920s that signified its entry into the emerging field of electronics. This versatility was demonstrated again when D&H made a keystone decision to sell its automotive division to fund a full transition into consumer electronics and appliances. Through its history, the company has sold some of the market’s first televisions, video gaming system, computers, and networking routers. D&H helped cultivate a nascent high-tech marketplace that has exploded into a world of ubiquitous, nearly-seamless, and always-on connectivity.

The distributor has an extraordinary reputation for supporting and driving trends, identifying opportunities such “digital convergence” early in the millennium, which developed into areas such as smart home automation and DIY, and even hosted digital services—now prominent trends in the current technology market. D&H also attributes its success to its North American Service Model, providing each customer with a dedicated representative to serve as a long-term consultant.

The company has realized several other recent milestones in 2018, including its 20th anniversary as an ESOP company, through which co-owner/employees own approximately 36 percent of the company. Its “D&H Cares” in-house charity foundation marked its tenth anniversary in 2018, supporting both regional and national causes. D&H just celebrated its tenth year in Canada in 2017, and CEO Izzy Schwab recently hit his 60-year anniversary of employment with the company, which dates back to his high school years. D&H is on the Forbes List of America’s Top Private Companies once again, appearing in the top 125 since debuting on that list in 2009.

“D&H is proud to have thrived through repeated market fluctuations over the decades, resulting in consistent profitability over time. Due to that fact, we’ve been able to extend the resources to help our customers grow in challenging environments and take advantage of increased opportunities during economic boons,” said Dan Schwab, co-president at D&H Distributing. “Our ability to persist on a long-term basis has allowed us to serve not just as a source of top-flight products, but as a consultative, vested partner with unique programs that develop our customers’ businesses. D&H’s team looks forward to Fiscal Year 2019 with similar optimism, for ourselves and for our retailers, dealers, and integrators.”

“D&H has been on an extraordinary journey in the channel, focusing on strategies that make our customers more capable and competitive,” said D&H Co-president Michael Schwab. “We believe that if we give customers the tools they need to flourish, then we will have strategically laid the foundation for new business opportunities that lead to our mutual success. As we move into the next fiscal year, we will continue to emphasize opportunities that keep our customers on the cusp of the market’s most compelling sales strategies.”

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