Though Traffic Police of Mysuru are putting their best efforts in nabbing and curbing all sorts of traffic rules violators and violations, one group of violators are still going scot-free.

The autorickshaws with Kerala registration number cannot be penalised by city Traffic Police even if they blatantly violate all the rules, even when the proof is posted to their website or to their WhatsApp number.

A couple of days back an auto with a Kerala registration number plate jumped the signal near V.V. Mohalla Police Station and when the vehicles started coming from the opposite side, the auto driver diverted his vehicle to the wrong side and continued driving, risking his life and lives of other road-users. When this was brought to the notice of “Public Eye” and WhatsApp of Traffic Police, it was informed that since the auto is carrying Kerala State number plate, no action could be initiated by the Police.

The authorities concerned like RTO and Traffic Police should go for a serious drive against “KL” autos and seize these autos to be released only after getting the autos registered with Mysuru RTO.

– K. Chandrahas, Mysuru, 14.5.2018

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