Cryptovest’s Nikita Sachdev had a chance to speak to Sterlin Lujan, Communications Ambassador of, at the sidelines of the BlockShow Berlin.

Mr. Lujan gave shared his insights on the industry’s development.

Sterlin Lujan is a vocal advocate of ideas of freedom and liberty, involved in the crypto industry since 2013. Before acquiring the role of Communications Ambassador, he worked as a journalist on and ran a personal blog on Steemit.

“Cryptocurrency can free people from the tyranny of the state; people can take the financial power back and use it to their own advantage. It’s a truly radical technology that is gonna change the shape of the world and allow us to get out of thumb of central planner who controls the money supply,” Sterlin Lujan said.

Form that perspective, according to Lujan, Bitcoin Cash reflects Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision of being able to be easily used and leveraged by every single individual as cash, anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, Bitcoin core or traditional BTC has gone in the wrong direction, become some kind of digital gold, a store of value, instead of a currency that can be used by anyone on a mass scale on a daily basis.

“Cryptocurrency has to be usable, it has to be scalable, and it has to gain mass adoption,” Sterlin Lujan explained, “If you can’t use cryptocurrency as cash it’s not gonna get mass adoption.”

While Bitcoin Cash ‘may be’ more practical and more efficient in some ways, it is still less popular than Bitcoin. But that’s just a matter of time, believes Lujan. Bitcoin has been around since 2009 and has had much more time to build an ecosystem and develop infrastructure, while Bitcoin Cash came to life less than a year ago.

“Bitcoin Cash is a brand new coin that just came into existence, but its achievements are phenomenal as its price grew from $200 – its lowest point to nearly $4000 at its highest point in December,” he elaborated “More and more businesses are going to adopt Bitcoin Cash because it is easily available in commerce.”

The future of Bitcoin cash is definitely to get broader adoption, greater use in commerce, according to Lujan, who is sure that Bitcoin Cash will gain popularity.

“We expect that Bitcoin Cash will continue to get adopted on greater and greater scales because of how easily usable it is.”



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