Crypto Trade Line (CTL) App Launches With Crypto Investment Tracking Tools

The Crypto Trade Line is an application that focuses on investment strategies and tools. It will be created on the Ethereum blockchain. As for the CTL Group’s aim with this project, it appears that consumers will be offered with a wide range of tools that make it easier to trade cryptocurrencies for anyone of varying expertise levels.

As for its compatibility, CoinSpeaker has revealed that the CTL App is suitable on both Android and iOS devices. The convenience behind the CTL Group app is praiseworthy, as it will permit one to make investments, keep up-to-date on crypto-related news and create analyzes based on present data.

What Can Be Said About The CTLcoin?

For the time being, the total supply of CTL coins has been set at 63 million. While some may view the rather low supply in a skeptical manner, the team believes that reducing the quantity of tokens in circulation will help to prevent price hikes while maintaining its overall value.

As for the specs of the token, investors will supposedly benefit from it, as its uses will range from trading on crypto exchanges, while optimizing on the notion of a peer-to-peer system. Furthermore, anyone who holds the CTL token will be able to take advantage of all the application’s features free of charge for a set period of time.

The CTL token sale has been open since July 9th, 2018, with each token going at a value of $0.20. With the total supply at hand, the team plans to distribute 20% through private token sale, 7% during bounty, 3% as airdrop, 40% as a crowdsale, 15% each for stock exchanges and purchase options as well.

For more information, check out the CTL project and token’s whitepaper at:



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