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Covington doughnut shop among those who couldn’t sign on

A sharp rise in Facebook problems, including log-in difficulties, has been reported since Wednesday evening.

The website downdetector.com showed more than 500 reports of problems starting early this morning. During a normal day, fewer than 50 reports are registered there.

Problems included total blackout, 44 percent; log ins, 30 percent; and apps, 24 percent.

Moonrise Doughnuts, a relatively new store in Latonia that is open evenings, reported an issue.

“For the first time since we opened last August, we were unable to post on Facebook yesterday. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We are working with Facebook now to try to get this resolved for today. Thank you for your patience.”

The Moonrise post was made around 9 a.m. One commenter said: “More donuts for me!!! Thank you FB!!! (smiley face)

Another tracking site called outage.report/facebook showed a similar spike in Facebook outages, starting around 7 a.m. It also reported 79 reports in the last 20 minutes. Mobile apps not working was the chief complaint. A total of 818 outages reported on July 12 is many times more than the usual day’s reports in the past month.


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