The post-Millennial Generation has entered the workforce. (KOKH)

Generation Z is entering the workforce, and many are looking for new ways to make a living, but finding some surprisingly traditional lessons. Generation Z is sometimes called the post-Millennial generation, and jobs experts nationwide expect they will change the landscape of the workforce in a major way.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are some of the most iconic social media sites right now.

Someone made them, and those tech giants started on the ground with the rest of us. Should the next person be you? It’s a temptation for many Gen Z’ers entering the workforce.

Cresha Redus with It’s My Community says even the new tech career landscape has traditional roots because entrepreneurs all face similar challenges online or IRL (in real life).

“A brick and mortar business — there is no guarantee– you really have to do your research, you have to have a strong business plan, you have to have funding, “says Redus, a partner engagement manger.

Even more traditional office work will change as the new generation rolls through. We are looking at five different generations in the workforce which opens the possibility of a more difficult communication landscape that employees and management.

“Some may like face to face, others are tech savvy and they want to communicate electronically, so it might offend one worker in one generation versus the other worker in the other generation,” says Redus.

These challenges will need solutions at the employee and employer levels as they hope to develop their careers. Redus says there are more similarities than people may think, so the variety in ages in an office environment is an opportunity to learn about ways to be better at your career– for everyone.

Generation Z will also have different expectations about how companies treat them. Though they are interested in working, this latest workforce group has a stronger focus on work life balance and work place culture.



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