In reviewing data relating to AP Qualifying Scores, the district found that while the percentage of qualifying scores at ZCHS increased over the cycle of the grant, the school’s percentages were well below state and national averages. Therefore, when taking an even closer look at qualifying scores, the district noted that 17 students in the school earned a qualifying score in 2018. The district is indeed proud of these students for this achievement; however, we must consider the impact in which supporting a program that requires teachers to be out of the classroom numerous days to benefit only 17 students will have on the other 780 students enrolled in the school. Another significant concern in offering AP courses in our small schools is the impact that adding these courses has on the master schedule. For example, currently, at ZCHS, the AP English class has eight students enrolled. Due to the AP class being small, another section of grade 12 English has 29 students. Additionally, due to a declining enrollment at Zion Chapel High School, the teaching staff will be reduced by at least one teacher. Fewer teachers will make scheduling for small AP classes even more difficult.

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