“We’ve seen droughts and wildfires intensifying and that’s one of the many reasons that electrifying transport, we believe, is imperative to addressing the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.”

Veloz’ mission is to “create a movement,” according to Josh Boone, executive director of Veloz. The biggest impediment to electrifying transportation has been the lag between public perception and the pace of developments, according to Mary Nichols, head of the California Air Resources Board.

“Clearly the lack of awareness is a critical hurdle that we have had to overcome early on, despite . . . costs coming down, number of models increasing, number of charging stations out there,” she said on Wednesday. “We have to show the public that these things are available.”

Nichols described the campaign as the “largest multi-stake holder, multimillion dollar campaign” for electric vehicles in North America.

The group has a nearly $4 million budget, with half that amount coming from Electrify America, a public awareness initiative launched by Volkswagen as part of a legal settlement regarding its diesel vehicles.

The group’s first set of ads, dubbed “opposites attract,” will feature a cheeky take from “unusual spokespeople” promoting electric cars, according to Boone.

The new initiative follows a similar campaign launched in May in multiple states on the east coast dubbed “Drive Change. Drive Electric.” 

Veloz plans on raising additional funds for future campaigns.



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