What Is Discoperi?

Discoperi is an automotive platform that develops blockchain-based solutions for the improvement of safety among drivers, prevention of accidents, and the monetization of automotive data. The Discoperi ecosystem comprises of different companies that aim that promoting road safety and enabling drivers to benefit from their vehicles and through data monetization.

Organizations can also be part of the Discoperi ecosystem and access the large pool of drivers. The ecosystem features service creation tools, execution strategy resources, and service orchestration resources.

How Discoperi Blockchain System ‘Eye’ For Driver Data Works

Discoperi uses System ‘Eye’, which is made up of three components: a smart IoT device called ‘Eye’, AI algorithms that recognize risky driving behavior, and a protocol that connects all devices into the DCNV. The System ‘Eye’ is installed on the windshield of the vehicle to identify data such as road situations, weather factors, driving behavior, vehicles characteristics, and status.

The data is then transferred to the cloud where it is validated and spread among the driver community as well as recorded in the Discoperi Blockchain where the origin of the data can be traced. If the Artificial Intelligence integrated into the cloud identifies that the driver captured valuable and important information, the system can contact the driver in order to gain more insights.

Data buyers on the Discoperi platform can search for records and the cloud will pull all the data from the cars that have installed the System ‘Eye’ which forms a holistic approach to the event. Discoperi’s Blockchain will then highlight the data buyer’s preference in regards to the data collected.

Once the buyer selects the information that they will use, the cloud will create a hash in blockchain, which shows who supplied the data and how much they are charging for the data. After the data buyer accepts the terms of the transaction, blockchain creates a smart contract that meets all the preferences of the buyer and the transaction is executed.

Discoperi Benefits

Data Protection

The data and privacy of drivers is protected through the implementation of the Dynamic Encryption Algorithm (DEA) and blockchain technology, which prevent any unauthorized access to personal or private data found on the Discoperi platform.

Retention Of Control By Data Providers

The System ‘Eye’ will enable the data providers (drivers) to choose who they would like to share their data with, under what circumstance, and at what prices. All the transactions and requests are recorded on the blockchain where the users could manage their contribution to the system.

Data Traceability

The utilization of blockchain technology facilitates the traceability to data, which is crucial in identifying the source of the information, calculating the cost of data, allocating payment to the drivers, and prevention of internal or external attacks.

Structural Flexibility And Agility

Since different countries have different regulations on data processing and storing, blockchain technology will be used to comply with such norms and regulations.

Discoperi DISC Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: DISC
  • Token protocol: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 200,000,000,000
  • Token supply during ICO: 50,000,000,000
  • Token price: $0.001
  • Accepted currencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC)
  • Soft Cap: $5 Million
  • Hard Cap: $50 Million



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