What Is Bincentive?

Bincentive is a smart follow-trade marketplace and matchmaking investment service that focuses on the creation of an Inter-Exchange Smart Trading ecosystem. The platform redefines the whole process of providing smart trading services and making investments. All trading information is securely stored on the blockchain on which trading experts conveniently and safely present their trading strategies hence allowing the investment customers to choose simply the trading services that fits their needs.

Bincentive provides a platform for the traditional experts, AI trading engine providers, and quantitative traders through quasi-Decentralized applications (Q-DApps) allowing them to offer their professional trading services. The investment clients interested in the expert’s trading services can directly connect with them.

Each of the trading service provider determines their own terms and conditions on which members (investment clients) have to agree with so that they can subscribe to their services. All the transactions agreed upon are done through smart contract, which ensures that all terms are automatically processed without fail.

How Bincentive Blockchain Investment Incentives Works

Members of the platform withdraw and deposit their investment capital in form of crypto assets in their various trading accounts in exchanges. The system starts once a member signs a smart contract with an available trading expert (Q-DApp) that a member chooses to mirror. Upon signing of the contract, a minimum token reward amount, based on the terms and conditions of the expert and the historical performance of the chosen Q-DApp, is transferred to the Bincentive system Trading Reward Escrow.

The Bincentive patent protected Smart Trading Gateway then executes the trading signals of the Q-DApp on the portfolio of the member. By the end of the period of the contract, the exact fees are calculated with basis on the entire performance of the Q-DApp. The system does not access the resources of the member they remain secure in their own hands.

Bincentive Benefits

Simplified Investing

Members of the platform can trade confidently without complex investment expertise. Users can subscribe and deactivate the investment services of a professional trader at any time.

Profit Sharing

The trading experts collect the self-defined remuneration amounts in accordance with the value of their service. Investors pay the profit sharing rewards only when there are positive gains in the investment. Everyone in the ecosystem is rewarded.

Trust And Security

The trader’s performance data that is immutable and accurate is stored on blockchain and made available for all to see. The trading terms of the agreement as well as service fees are safely secured with smart contracts on the system.

Bincentive BCNT Token & ICO Details

The platform has a dual token system. The utility token is the BCNT token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. Members need to have the utility tokens, which they can purchase from the website or trading exchanges that support it in order to subscribe to the Q-DApp. The platform offers an alternative token known as MST (Margin Stable Token), whose value is entirely fixed to the value of BCNT. It is an internal token and therefore, not tradable on exchanges. The MST token is available for members who prefer to avoid the risks that are associated with the fluctuating value of BCNT.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: BCNT
  • Token sale date: TBA
  • Accepted payment method: ETH
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 BCNT
  • ICO: 375,000,000 BCNT



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