While Nintendo’s Switch console has taken the world by storm over the last year, there’s still a lot of love for the company’s golden oldie, the Nintendo 3DS

We don’t care that it’s more than six years old, making it something of a geriatric in the current gaming generation. Age brings wisdom, after all. And by wisdom we mean a stellar library of games that, while slowing, hasn’t stopped yet. 

While the 3DS is older than most, it’s not actually that surprising that Nintendo is insisting on supporting the platform, even with the undeniable success of the Switch. The 3DS has managed to amass an install base of more than 67 million – that’s a lot of people you can still sell games to. And given the only portable competition on the market is Nintendo itself, the company is really only strengthening its safety net.

Nintendo may be taking some of its most iconic IPs to mobile, but the full experiences remain on console. 

No matter what kind of game you like to play, you’ll find something to suit your tastes on the 3DS XL or 2DS XL, and you won’t be able to find many of the titles anywhere else. 

From slow and easygoing life simulators like Animal Crossing, to fast-paced platformers like Super Mario 3D land you’re not short of options on this console. 

So read on for the 20 best 3DS games, or if you’re looking to dip your toe into the more retro DS library, then check out our list of the best Nintendo DS games



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