We’ve come a long way from the days when you only had one or two consoles to choose from – and usually distinct enough gaming libraries to make the choice relatively easy. Mario fans go Nintendo, Sonic fans go Sega. Done! 

These days picking out the best console from the current lot is hard. Sure, there are still exclusives, but the overwhelming majority of all new games are multi-platform. Add to that mid-generation upgrades and technological advancements that promise 4K HDR with some apps and games but not others, and it can be confusing to figure out which console is worth buying.

The good news for gamers is that there are sites (just like the one you’re on now) to help you narrow down the options. We don’t play favorites and we don’t have a preference for one set of titles over another. We’re just here to play by the numbers and give you all the details on the best and brightest new hardware.

That said, we have a few questions to get the ball rolling: Do you need or want 4K? Is there a franchise you feel particularly close to? Do you want something you can play on the go? What’s your budget? 

Gamers who want 4K should consider the Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, while HD gamers can stick to the PS4 Slim and Nintendo Switch. If you’re a racing or a shooting game fan, Xbox has a lot of first-party titles that cater to that genre while Sony has tons of great action-adventure and RPG titles. Nintendo has a mix of everything, but you should go for Nintendo if you can’t live without an annual Pokemon and Mario title in your life.

To help make things a little less complicated, we’ve compiled this guide to the latest consoles on the market and weighed up their most notable pros and cons – with links to other dedicated pages and reviews if you want to dive even deeper.



  1. Xbox is my preferred one. I have all current gen, and I absolutely hate how user unfriendly is Playstation. The Switch is nice but it’s just for Zelda and Mario.


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