Who says the holiday season doesn’t bring people—or, in this case, two near-trillion dollar companies—together? 

With just two weeks to go until Black Friday, Apple and Amazon appeared to have put their differences behind them with iPhones, iPads, Macs and other Apple gear officially beginning their return to the online retail giant’s virtual shelves. 


A man and a woman looking at a Coral iPhone XR.


The products, which also includes the Apple Watch, Apple TV and Apple accessories, will be sold and shipped by Amazon directly. According to CNET, the Apple gear will begin returning to Amazon over the “coming weeks” and will include the latest iPhone XR and XS phones, Apple Watch Series 4 and recently released iPad Pros. 

The HomePod, Apple’s voice-controlled Siri speaker rival to Amazon’s Alexa and Echo, does not appear to be among the products soon to be available on Amazon. 

iPhones and other Apple gear could previously be found on Amazon, but they were sold by third-party resellers, not directly from either company. (You can tell if a product is sold by Amazon or a third party by looking underneath the item’s price) 

Those third parties will need to become approved Apple resellers or their items will be removed from Amazon after January 4, 2019, according to CNET.  

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Amazon confirmed the return of Apple gear to USA TODAY. “Amazon is constantly working to enhance the customer experience, and one of the ways we do this is by increasing selection of the products we know customers want,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement to USA TODAY.

“We look forward to expanding our assortment of Apple and Beats products globally.”

Apple and Amazon’s issues go back several years, with Amazon in 2015 notably pulling the Apple TV from its virtual shelves after Apple refused to let Amazon release its Prime Video app for the platform. Relations between the two electronic giants began to thaw last year, with a Prime Video app arriving on Apple TV and Apple TV returning to Amazon’s store

As for the other major tech fight between Amazon and Google? Well, here’s hoping the holiday magic can spread a little further. 

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