Altcoin (ALT) traded down -0.49% against American dollar during the last day period ending 15:00 on July 7th EST. Altcoin at this time has a market cap of $2,655,400 and its twenty four hour trading volume is approximately $4,312. Within the last seven day interval, Altcoin is 28.19% against the American dollar together with a move of 0.11% inside the past hr.

Here is how other currencies have faired in the last 24h:

Altcoin Info

Altcoin has a total supply of exactly 123,175 coins. It launched on 25th April, 2017.

Cited from “Altcoin is a crypto coin based on the OMNI protocol, issued on the Bitcoin blockchain as a coloured coin.”

A number of helpful url links are following, in case you want to get more info about Altcoin:

ALT: Trading Info

You can obtain ALT at trading exchanges like Cryptopia, CCEX,

It is not always possible to buy cryptos including Altcoin directly using dollars. Investors trying to buy ALT might possibly need to first of all buy Bitcoin or ETH from an market place which has got dollar trading pairs for example, Coinbase or GDAX. Buyers may then make use of this Bitcoin or ETH to buy Altcoin using one of the exchanges shown above.




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