Bitcoin Gold fell a bit during the trading session on Monday, reaching down towards the $54 level. We have bounced slightly from there, but I believe that there is still plenty of resistance above, especially near the $60 level. Because of this, I am very hesitant to buy this market, so I am essentially waiting for some type of exhaustive candle to take advantage of and start shorting. Ultimately, this is a market that I think will continue to show an interest to reach towards the $50 level.


DASH initially tried to rally during the day on Monday but found enough resistance of the $410 level to turn around and fall below the $400 level as well. I believe that there is a significant amount of support near the $380 level, but ultimately this is a market that I think needs to grind a bit before we can put serious money to work. I suspect that we will get a back-and-forth type of sideways market in the meantime. I believe that the stochastic oscillator might be one of the better indicators the use to determine when to buy and sell between these various levels.


Monero fell during the day on Monday, breaking below the $200 level before reaching down to the $190 level. If we break down below there, the market will more than likely reach towards the $188 level next. This is a market that is failing at previous support, showing signs of resistance. Ultimately, if we can break above the $208 level, then the market could go to $216 after that.



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