Aldelo POS: Core Features

The features aren’t the issue when it comes to the Aldelo POS: It’s the software that is supposed to make the features work. Various users have reported a “slow” response time due to software that crashes “a lot” and may qualify as “incomplete.” With that grain of salt, here are the (honestly, pretty comprehensive) features that you can expect from the software.

Aldelo POS table managementTableside Ordering

The interface supports visual floor plans and table management, all with a blocky interface and plenty of primary colors. Additional restaurant features include guest reservations, wait lists, bill splitting, discounts, surcharges and gratuity.

Delivery Management

Aldelo Express also supports delivery service operations, which not all restaurant POS services do. It offers an integration with Caller ID and includes a feature that enables driver dispatches from the app.

Employee Management

​A built-in time clock measures when employees check in and check out of their shifts, ensuring managers can track their hours, and  a scheduling feature lets managers prepare a shift schedule to plan for the weeks ahead.

Offline Ability

The Aldelo Express POS functions offline, allowing you to keep your business in operation even during quick power outages or if someone trips over your internet router. It’s an essential POS functionality for any serious business, and Aldelo delivers.

Aldelo POS dashboard statsStats and Reporting

Aldelo’s End of Day dashboard offers sales overviews that tell managers at a glance what their total net sales were, breaking down the results by checks, guests, and tables. It can also break out the taxes, gratuities, and additional tips earned during a set period.

Missing? Inventory Tracking

Inventory and Recipe tracking are listed as “Coming soon in 2019,” on Aldelo’s website, along with store transfers and serialized tracking. Of these, inventory tracking is the most useful, as it lets managers know when to restock certain items ahead of time, making sure they never run out. It’s a pretty common POS feature, and one of the few more basic options that Aldelo doesn’t offer.



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