Business Trends in 2019

Trends come and go, but in recent years, we’ve seen a heavy focus on digital and technology when it comes to business trends. This year is no different. Here are some of the biggest business trends you can expect to see in 2019:


Huge advances in technology and telecommunications in recent years have made it possible for us to work and be productive while working remotely. Gone are the days when you needed to endure hours on the commute to and from the office. Telecommuting will continue to rise in popularity as an acceptable work arrangement in 2019. If you are a telecommuter, freelancer or remote worker, you know the importance of finding a good place to work with a reliable Internet connection and minimum distractions. A coworking space like the Common Desk is the perfect option for you.

Coworking spaces are appealing places to work for telecommuters because they are fully equipped with all the facilities and amenities you’d to do your work effectively and efficiently. They’re also a great place to meet and collaborate with other like minded, driven and highly motivated individuals who can stimulate your own creativity and boost your productivity. The Common Desk has a virtual office in Dallas, Texas, as well as locations in Fort Worth, Plano and Oak Cliff.


Businesses across all industries will continue to make the shift towards automation this year. Repetitive, redundant tasks will be offloaded from human workers and passed onto machines for efficiency and more consistent quality. This leaves human workers free to add value elsewhere in their roles.

As a human worker, it’s now more important than ever to keep learning and adapting to an ever changing world, so you can remain indispensable and continue to grow in your career.

Data Control

This year, consumers will demand more control over data, and will apply increased pressure on companies to manage their data responsibly. If you are a business owner, avoid buying or acquiring data without your customer’s explicit consent, to avoid legal disputes. Last year, the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation went into effect, followed by the passing of several new laws in different states in the US, all focused on data protection and regulating how businesses can acquire, sell and use consumer data.

Subscription Services

The subscription service industry continues to grow steadily at a rate of about one percent per month. Food, beauty, apparel and lifestyle subscription boxes are the most popular, and will most likely remain so because of their value and convenience.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The clamor for businesses to be socially responsible has increased in recent years. Consumers are now much more discerning and discriminating when making purchasing decisions. Companies that display strong corporate social responsibility are viewed more favorably and rewarded with customer loyalty. If you are a business owner, now is the time to go green and make social responsibility one of your company’s core values.

If you are a small business owner or a leader in business, it pays to stay on top of these trends to get ahead of the competition. Those who can quickly adapt and embrace change will be the most successful.


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