AUSTRALIA’S most affordable electric car will soon be on the market.

The Hyundai Ioniq — worth about $43,000 — was unveiled at the Australian Electric Vehicle Association Conference in Brisbane on Saturday.

The vehicle has stunned electric car fans with battery efficiency and various engine types, including plug in, hybrid and full electric.

It comes as leading artificial intelligence and robotics experts have put to bed fears of hacking and the boost of harm minimising technology.

“These problems already exist in current technology, it’ll just be an update and modification for electric cars,” Queensland University of Technology Robotics Professor Michael Millford said.

Comparing vehicles to smartphones, Professor Millford said protocols approaching the electric car software will be similar but with more precaution.

“Because of the implications and severity of a vehicle being hacked a lot of the protocols will be enhanced,” he said.

“With new technology there’s always an issue with transition.

“It’s the same with many other technologies that we trust with our lives and in one generation people will not think about it.”

Lou blanco from Hyundai Australia said although the company hasn’t given a definitive price for the Ioniq they will be releasing their highly anticipated electric small SUV Kona on the market by mid next year.

“The Kona has a bigger battery and it has a range of 485km versus the Ioniq which is 280km.”

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said not enough has been done to give incentives for more Australians to buy electric cars.

“What we do need is a national policy in terms of electric vehicles, Canberra has ignored this issue for far too long, It’s the States leading the way and Canberra has its head in the sand,” he said.



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