by Brittany Gray | Newschannel 3

3 antique cars lost in Battle Creek garage fire

A Calhoun County District Court judge lost several priceless items in a garage fire.

Calhoun County District Court Judge Frank Line is not dwelling on the garage fire that destroyed records, memorabilia, U of M knick-knacks and three antique cars.

Line said, “There was a ‘58 Panama yellow Corvette. They made 1100 of them in 1958, the middle was my first car. It was a 1962 Valiant, referred to as the lizard, that I paid $75 for in 1965. It was a 1957 Fuelie Corvette, one of a kind. Not replaceable, it was perfect.”

He said he had a full house Tuesday night with family in town for the Fourth of July and stepped outside when he noticed an orange glow on the side of the garage.

Line said, “I went to get a pail of water, which is 50 feet away, went back and the whole place just blew up. It was 10-minutes, this thing was gone. And we were just praying the fire department got here because I don’t know if you can see that, that tree there was on fire above the house.”

He admits it’s tough to lose the vehicles and some other items weren’t as difficult to let go of.

Line said, “Devastating, I lost my exercise bike, as you can see that’s devastating.”

He said it’s just stuff and stuff can be replaced. He said it is more important that his family is safe.

He said, “There is some billboards around battle creek that say know where your family is. That was the issue. Where is everybody? Start yelling so we know where everybody is. Everybody was safe and the rest of the stuff is just stuff.”

Line said it is possible the fire was started by some sort of firework, but they don’t know.

CORRECTION: The story was headlined as a Battle Creek garage fire. This was an error and it is actually Marshall.



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