21 public sector jobs that pay R1 million or more a year

The Public Servants Collective Bargaining Council (PSCBC) has published its latest salary scales for members who work in the health, engineering and other associated fields in South Africa – showing how much they will be earning in 2018.

The document has been published after a protracted negotiation period with the government, where the wage increases for the next three years needed to be ironed out, amid many economic and financial constraints being felt by National Treasury.

Among the many jobs listed in the new salary document are over 40 job types that carry high earning power – pulling in more than R1 million a year, depending on grade and pay level.

Unsurprisingly, most of these are in the medical and technical fields (such as engineering), or various management positions across most departments.

High-paying public sector jobs can be split into two categories – those that have a starting salary of R1 million or more, and those that have lower starting salaries, but the potential to reach over R1 million a year with time and experience.

The tables below outline both types.

Starting at R1 million or more

The jobs that start out paying R1 million a year are those that require specialist or technical skills in a specific field.

Medical officers in general are well paid in the public sector, but the salaries listed below also apply for those specialising in dentistry, pharmacology and stomatology (indicated with a *).

OccupationStarting SalaryTop earning potential
Head of a Clinical Department (Grade 1)*R2 054 577R2384424
Head of a Clinical Unit (Grade 1)*R1 643 352R1 964 817
Specialist EngineerR1 459 887R2 086 908
Chief PsychologistR1 414 128R1 665 768
Senior Manager of Pharmaceutical ServicesR1 257 033R1 437 270
Specialist State AttorneyR1 221 633R1 853 499
Family AdvocateR1 203 507R1 460 616
State Law AdvisorR1 203 507R1 460 616
Specialist ScientistR1 185 210R1 694 244
Clinical Manager (Grade 1)*R1 115 874R1 548 336
Medical Specialist (Grade 1)*R1 051 368R1 744 191
Senior Medical Registrar*R1 051 368R1 099 392
Quantity Surveyor (Grade B)R1 036 557R1 596 294
Chief Architect (Grade B)R1 036 557R1 596 294
Town Planner (Grade B)R1 036 557R1 596 294
Scientific Manager (Grade B)R1 036 557R1 596 294
Manager of Pharmaceutical ServicesR1 035 831R1 115 874
Medical Officer (Grade 3)*R1 035 831R1 295 025
Chief EngineerR1 006 161R1 880 367
Construction Project Manager (Grade C)R1 006 161R1 880 367
Principal PsychologistR1 004 091R1 274 178
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Potential for R1 million

The jobs listed below show the highest earning potential for the respective occupations. While starting salaries are below the R1 million mark, the jobs do pay that kind of salary at the highest levels.

OccupationTop earning potential
Control Quantity Survey Technologist (Grade B)R1 295 949
Senior Assistant State AttorneyR1 133 979
Environmental Officer (Grade B)R1 133 427
Deputy Director CounsellingR1 097 913
Chief RegistrarR1 084 437
Senior Legal AdministratorR1 084 437
Psychologist (Grade 3)R1 081 689
Deputy Director Radiography (Grade 2)R1 065 705
Deputy Manager of Pharmaceutical ServicesR1 051 368
Emergency Services Provincial ManagerR1 051 368
Deputy Director Occupational TherapyR1 049 952
Social Work ManagerR1 045 935
Community Development Policy ManagerR1 045 935
Community Development ManagerR1 045 935
Production Engineer (Grade C)R1 036 557
Control Technician (Grade B)R1 036 557
Deputy Director Medical TechnologyR1 034 442
Deputy Director Medical Orthotics and ProstheticsR1 019 154
Vice Principal of a Nursing CollegeR1 015 842
Deputy Director Environmental HealthR1 004 091

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