bloodborne game

Let’s talk about death. It’s coming for us, and in fact… oh, there it is, poking its head out the fridge.

What are you doing in there, you malnourished menace? Go on, have a Muller rice if you want. Hopefully that’ll buy me enough time to do a follow up to this lovely article. After making that, more and more titles came up through the earth, screaming about how they were the hardest nuts around, and you know what? I ain’t gonna pass up an opportunity to make more pitiful jokes, so let’s get sticky.

10. Uninvited

Uninvited game

We begin with a game for the point n’ click fans out there. Uninvited was a quite unnerving – and at the same time truly campy – horror game which came out in 1986 for the Macintosh, managing to find the stride between puzzles that tested your brain power and moments which saw you get your brains splattered all over the place.

Case and point: The opening moments, in which your protagonist arrives on the scene with a thud, because they’ve smashed their car up and your younger brother has been kidnapped. Even then, your quest can end before it begins if you’re not quick enough to get out of the car, which will explode and shower the ground with bits of your own body. It’s a surprise to say the least, but one that perfectly sets up the balance of comedy and horror this game exemplified.



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